The Goddess UpRising Group is where science meets soul and energy to unleash your inner goddess and activate your power

I'm ready to Awaken my Inner GoddesS

You see, to truly heal and master your gut health, you also need to master your gut + brain + confidence connection to get the results you desperately need. You are whole person, and should be treated as such.

The number one thing that blocks and disrupts your gut + brain stress. Internal & External Stressors can change your microbiome, hormones, digestion, and behaviors.

This is where Goddess UpRising comes in. Heal in a community, among other goddesses.

In this group, we go beyond gut health & digestion.

🔮 Reveal your archetype and how that impacts your individual stress, hormones, eating behaviors and how you show up for yourself and others

🔮 Explore how to get to the real gut + brain + body + confidence connection for YOU

🔮 How to live and speak your truth & set boundaries

🔮 Uncover your true purpose in life & stand in your power

And we explore...

✨How to rewire your brain to keep the healthy habits you start and meet your goals 

✨How to manage internal & external stress so that you will have more energy, positivity, mental & physical health to fully show up as the Goddess that you are!

✨Goddess Power Hour for support & community

✨Use the EMPACT method to address energetic, mental and physical health

✨Monthly New/Full Moon Activation Guides

12 Week Experience

Monthly Moon Activation Calls AND Goddess Power Hours

Guides & Lessons pulled from the EMPACT Method on how to infuse your health on the Energetic, Mental + Physical Level

Your personal Goddess Archetype Reveal and how to optimize your lifestyle

Group Support & Community on your journey

In this group we go deeper. We:

This is what the experience looks like:


First, I am fully here for you and I am proud of you for initiating your health journey. 

I am a Transformation & Functional Health Mentor and I am extremely passionate about everyone being able to live in their full energetic, mental + physical power. No goddess left behind. We all rise and up-level together in our purpose and health. 

For over 20 years in a leadership capacity, I have mentored women and men to rise up in full confidence to reach their potential in their relationships, careers and the impact they wish to make in life.

This experience has led me to truly understand what it takes to bring our the inner truth, passions, purpose and voice of others. I blend these skills with neuroscience, the power of nature and the goddess archetypes to deliver an immersive group growth experience to unleash your inner goddess to speak your truth and reduce hidden stress. You will be held by a community of other goddess on the same journey as you and rise up together.

Welcome Goddess, I'm Jamie


You feel out of alignment with speaking your truth, your choices, confidence and body.

You have good intentions to change the things in your life that are not serving you, including bad habits, behaviors and people. You just keep reverting back into what's comfortable even though it's not lifting you up.

You feel a connection to the energy of Mother Earth, and the Sun + Moon, and you would like to harness and optimize this beautiful energy with yours monthly.

Goddess UpRising is for you if...

You have awakened your archetypal goddess and know how to fully show up in your confidence and energetic, mental and physical power.

You have embraced your full worth, set boundaries, speak your truth and you are armed with your goddess essence to assist you in rising up. 

You have a community of Goddesses to activate the power of the Earth, Sun + Moon with monthly. You are infused and intentional about your month and goals.

Imagine how it will feel when...

It's time to reclaim your Health + Power

and Unleash your Inner Gut Goddess