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Custom Mindset Reset Yoga Nidra

Where Neuroscience Meets Soul + Energy

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Custom Mindset Reset Yoga Nidra

Through a series of breath awareness practices and specific visualizations, the mind is brought into the hypnagogic state between being asleep and being awake. 

It is customized for you, what your specific needs, wants, desires and hidden blocks to release are.

I have blended traditional Yoga Nidra with hypno-affirmations to help you both release hidden blocks, awaken inner truths, and infuse positive enlightenments to get you to your overall health goals.

We do this practice 1:1 virtually with specific goals and intentions to reach.

This practice is powerful and awakening. It works best with a minimum of four sessions. I offer two different experiences both customized for you.

What is Yoga Nidra?

i want the missing link

Yoga Nidra is both a state and an experience, essentially where you're putting your brain into the subconscious active (dream like) state while you're awake.

Watch this video explanation for a more in-depth look at how Yoga Nidra can support you & your healing.

Yoga Nidra is the "Missing Link" to reach your health goals no matter where they originated.

Using Neuroscience activated Yoga Nidra we will Access the subconscious to open up and release hidden blocks, rewire triggering habits, and thoughts that are holding you back. Open up your mindset around worthiness and acceptance so that you can fully heal on an energetic, mental and physical level. 

Let's Restore & Align Your Energetic, Mental, and Physical Health

First, I am fully here for you and I am proud of you for initiating your health journey. 

I am a Transformation & Functional Health Mentor and I am extremely passionate about everyone being able to live in their full energetic, mental + physical power. No goddess left behind. We all rise and up-level together in our purpose and health. 

I offer Custom Mindset Yoga Nidra because it is the "missing link" to reaching your health goals, no matter where they are originating in you.

I realized after years of helping people with their mental and physical health through functional lab tests, nutrition protocols, mindset work, that something was still missing for most of them to fully embody the changes for the short and long term.
Clients would have amazing successes but then fall back into their old habits. Or they would need additional help along the way to identify what is holding them back from reaching their goals, when they so deeply wanted the result. 

It was that we needed to go deeper. Deeper into the energetic realm, into their subconscious. Everyone is different, sometimes we needed to identify and awaken inner truths, sometimes we needed to release blocks and triggers, usually it's a combination both.

What I came to realize is that most often we hide emotional traumas, along with walls around believing we can heal. Blocks around our own worthiness deep inside, and we may not even be aware of it. This shows up in a physical state in our bodies and energetically weighs us down or even causes unexplained pain. Once you identify and release this, and, build up your power to believe in healing you show up in a higher vibrational energetic state open to healing opportunities on different levels.

Welcome Goddess, I'm Jamie


It's time to reclaim your Health + Power

and Unleash your Inner Gut Goddess

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